Bosphorus Antique Cymbal Set

Bosphorus Antique Cymbal Set

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1 x Bosphorus 14" Antique Series Hi Hat Cymbals - 940/1077g   +$332.00
1 x Bosphorus 18" Antique Series Paper Thin Crash Cymbal - 1286g   +$238.00
1 x Bosphorus 22" Antique Ride Cymbal - 2139g   +$362.00
Bosphorus Authorized Dealer Exact Cymbal
This Unique family combines the brilliance of a classic, lathed cymbals and the complex dryness of a raw, unlathed cymbals. Expect strong definition and ample but controlled overtones from the rides. The varied playing surfaces provide a wide range of sonic textures. This set includes a pair of 14" Hi Hat Cymbals, 18" Paper Thin Crash, and 22" Ride Cymbal

Additional Information

Model # SET-1040916B
Color/Finish Raw
Cymbal Size Assorted Sizes
Gram Weight 5442g
Condition New
Manufacturer Bosphorus