Stanton Moore

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Stanton Moore and his cymbals capture the funky, earthy quality of the Crescent City sound and invoke the traditional spirit of New Orleans' second line drumming. Stanton is one of our favorite myCymbal Artists and always a big hit on

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Gretsch USA Broadkaster Heritage Classic Drum Set
Gretsch 14x4.5 USA Custom Stanton Moore Signature Solid Birdseye Maple Snare Drum
Crescent Stanton Moore Collection by Sabian
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  1. Sabian
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  1. Crash
  2. Hi-Hat
  3. Ride
  4. Set
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  1. Crescent
  2. Stanton Moore
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  1. 15"
  2. 18"
  3. 20"
  4. 22"
  5. Assorted Sizes
  1. Traditional
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  1. Stanton Moore
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  1. Crescent Stanton Moore Cymbal Set by Sabian

    Crescent Stanton Moore Cymbal Set by Sabian

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