Bosphorus 14" Lyric Hi-Hats

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ARI14HH-1052417H Exact Cymbal
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The 14" Bosphorus Lyric Hi Hat Cymbals are part of a new line that consists of a 23" ride, 21" crash ride and 14" hi-hats. Their sound reflects the extraordinary musical character of Ari Hoenig and combines different tones in a brilliant way. We believe, Lyric Series will open up new doors to the drummers for their venture at creating music. Even every single piece of this line will be a very strong alternative for building impressive cymbal setups.
More Information
Manufacturer Bosphorus
Model # ARI14HH-1052417H
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 950/1160g
Cymbal Size 14"
Cymbal Type Hi-Hat
Color/Finish Traditional
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