Craviotto 14x5.5 10th Anniversary Ambrosia Maple Snare Drum

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Where did the wood used in making your drum come from? Does it have a story? Behind every prized instrument, there should be a story, a family, an origin, and a pedigree. Provenance is paramount. For our 10th Anniversary, we wanted to create a drum with a special story, one that could be passed down from generation to generation. We found our muse in New York State. The Eire Canal (built 1817 to 1825) runs east and west through central New York. Swamps and natural wetlands line the banks of the canal. Many of these wetlands contain century old soft Maple trees. These wetlands provide a playground for the Columbian Timber Beetle, which is also known as the Chestnut Timber Worm. These little worms burrow in and make small holes. They carry a fungus with them that serves as a food source. That same fungus creates the unique natural striations that make the wood visually appealing. Sonically, our soft Wormy Maple Snare Drums sound refreshingly different. Soft Maple is warm, mellow, and very organic sounding. The natural wormholes offer an innate venting system that rounds out the body and heightens the drum's clarity.
More Information
Manufacturer Craviotto
Model # CR10TH1455AM-11
Snare Drum Size 14x5.5
Shell Type Maple
Ply 1
Color/Finish Natural Gloss
Misc Signed by Johnny Craviotto. Includes Craviotto Snare Drum Bag
UPC 1100269
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