Crescent 20" Classic Flat Ride Cymbal w/ Rivets

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Model #
CR-C20F-R-1012715II Exact Cymbal
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The Crescent Classic Series cymbals reflect the famous history of Turkish cymbal making at its finest. With rides, crashes, hats, flats, chinas and splashes, the sounds range from dark, delicate, and complex to bright, sharp, and penetrating. Expand your creative potential as you expand your musical horizons. Customize your cymbal setup with a generous selection of different models and sizes. Original Crescent cymbal. Made in Turkey.
More Information
Manufacturer Crescent
Model # CR-C20F-R-1012715II
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 1793g
Cymbal Size 20"
Cymbal Type Ride
Color/Finish Natural