Crescent 20" Trash Crash Cymbal by Sabian

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S20T-1060616X Exact Cymbal
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Designed for Stanton Moore, the 20" Crescent Trash Crash captures the funky, earthy quality of his trademark Crescent city sound. The 20" Trash Crash features uneven wobbly edges and deeply hammered pockets on the playing surface. The result is a nasty, gnarly effects crash that provides white noise along with the tone, and shortened sustain not unlike a China. Fun to play, it's versatile enough to provide unlimited creativity on the part of the player. The sound is trashy, but warm enough to ride on. Like all Crescent Stanton Moore models, the sound is 100% Stanton: raw and aggressive, but always musical and extremely funky.
More Information
Manufacturer Sabian
Model # S20T-1060616X
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 1580g
Cymbal Size 20"
Cymbal Type Crash
Color/Finish Traditional
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