Dunnett Classic 14x6.5 Model 2N MACHINA Snare Drum - Antique Brass

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The 14x6.5 Dunnett Classic Model 2N Machina Snare Drum has a antiqued Brass 2N Shell. This Dunnett snare drum features Raw Brass Hoops, Raw Brass Washers, Raw Brass Tube Lugs in a 8-lug configuration, a Dunnet R4 throw off, 42-strand snare wires, Hypervent Adjustable Air Vent, and a Remo Black Suede head with a Dunnet logo. The drum has a Antique Brass Finish and comes with a soft case.
More Information
Manufacturer Dunnett
Model # 65142NMAC-ABBB
Snare Drum Size 14x6.5
Shell Type Brass
Color/Finish Brass
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