Evans '56 Calftone EMAD 24" Bass Drumhead

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Evans '56 Calftone EMAD Bass Drumheads are made with a 12mil film base and blended with unique materials these heads are thicker than our tom/snare 56' Calftone heads to help optimize the sound for larger drums, lower tunings, and greater tonal response. The approach is identical to how natural skins are used across a drum set in which thinner skins are used up top and thicker skins are used down low for increased bass response. Combined with EMAD features, these heads have the benefit of adjustable damping for added attack and focus. As a throwback to the year Evans was founded, Evans '56 calftone drumheads are for drummers looking for a vintage look and sound. These drumheads are a synthetic alternative to traditional calfskin and embody the calfskin look and sound but with the consistency, fit, and tuning range made standard with Level 360 Technology.
More Information
Manufacturer Evans
Model # BD24EMADCT
Drumhead Size 24"
Drumhead Series EMAD & EMAD2
Drumhead Type '56 Calftone