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Groovin' In Memphis Video Series

Video series featuring Memphis drummers. Hosted by Chris 'Pat' Bounds at Memphis Drum Shop.
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Zildjian Cymbal's Evolution of Sound Video

Zildjian Cymbal's Evolution of Sound in the Last Century featuring Paul Francis and Leon Chiappini. This video was filmed during Cymbal Summit 2010 on Memphis Drum Shop's SoundStage.
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Joe Morello - The "Take Five" Cymbal Documentary

Short documentary featuring Joe Morello and the original "Take Five" Zildjian cymbal.
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Lenny White 1980 Drum Clinic

Drum clinic featuring Lenny White in Memphis, TN circa 1980.
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Memphis Drum Shop Virtual Tour

Explore Memphis Drum Shop including the Memphis Gong Chamber, Cymbal Vault, Vintage Vault, Retail Showrooms, Employee Areas, and much more!
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Cymbal Care & Cleaning

How do I care for my cymbals? Do I need to clean them? What products do I use to clean my cymbals? These are all excellent questions and we've compiled answers from our cymbal manufacturers.
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