Istanbul Agop 22" Sultan Jazz Ride

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Model #
SJR22-1031417CCC Exact Cymbal
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Istanbul Agop
The 22" Istanbul Agop Sultan Jazz Ride Cymbal is warm, dark, and trashy with a changing complex sound caused by its unique design. The thinner weight and wider bell shape give the Sultan Jazz Ride a lower pitch while maintaining a more contolled stick definition. Each Turkish cymbal is a work of art hand-crafted individually by the cymbalsmith. Variations in color, hammer marks, lathing, labels, etc., are all enhancements that add to the natural beauty, sound, and unique quality of these one-of-a-kind cymbals.
More Information
Manufacturer Istanbul Agop
Model # SJR22-1031417CCC
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 2286g
Cymbal Size 22"
Cymbal Type Ride
Color/Finish Other