Istanbul Agop Signature Cymbal Set

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SET-1010418A Exact Cymbal
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Istanbul Agop
This is a set of Istanbul Agop cymbals hand-selected by session artist, Terence Clark. The 19" Mel and the 19" Epoch provide a wide array of sound, from dry stick, to glassy crashes, and dark swells, while the Mantra/OM combo provides a firm, counter-balancing foundation.

This cymbal set includes:
  • Istanbul Agop 15" Mantra Hi Hat Cymbals MTH15 (980/1163g)
  • Istanbul Agop 19" Lenny White Epoch Crash Cymbal LWEC19 (1529g)
  • Istanbul Agop 19" Mel Lewis Crash Ride Cymbal ML19 (1826g)
  • Istanbul Agop 24" OM Ride Cymbal CBOR24 (2839g)
More Information
Manufacturer Istanbul Agop
Model # SET-1010418A
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight Set
Cymbal Size Set
Cymbal Type Set
Color/Finish Traditional
Misc Hand-Selected Cymbal Set