Ludwig 14x5 Bronze Phonic Hammered Snare Drum

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A unique mixture of a metal snare drum with wood shell characteristics. That is the Ludwig Bronze Series. The bronze seamless shell offers the sharp snap and projection of a metal drum with the smooth warmth of a wood shell. Choose the smooth shell for ultimate resonance or a hammered shell for a drier more articulate response. Optional upgrades are available for this drum. If you choose an upgrade, the new parts will be installed on the drum. The original part(s) will not be included. For example, if you choose the die-cast hoops upgrade, you will not receive the original triple-flange hoops.
More Information
Manufacturer Ludwig
Model # LB550K
Snare Drum Size 14x5
Shell Type Bronze
Color/Finish Bronze
Misc Hand Hammered Shell, P85 Strainer