Matt Nolan Custom 39" Hand Gong

Matt Nolan Custom 39" Hand Gong

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Deep, mysterious sound, a relatively slow attack and a very long sustain. The fingers add an almost flanging like shimmer to the sound. Hand-made, hand-forged in Bath, England, UK.

Matt Nolan creates his Gongs from a small number of carefully selected metal alloys. These include certain specific Bronzes and Stainless Steels. Nickel Silver (of which there is a number of subtly different alloys) also makes wonderful sounding Gongs. He designs Gongs in the expected round shape and also in other, more exotic shapes. The shape, the metal, the weight, the hammering and the surface textures all contribute to the different sound world of each gong. *Every Matt Nolan Custom Gong is a unique, hand made creation and may vary from the photo and video shown in this listing.

Additional Information

Model # MNC39HGM
Gong Size 39"
Gong Type Hand
Condition New
Manufacturer Matt Nolan