Meinl 13" Byzance Dark Spectrum Hi Hat Cymbals

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B13SH-1112014B Exact Cymbal
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The 13" Meinl Byzance Dark Spectrum Hi Hat Cymbals are a unique pairing, designed with Rodney Holmes' personal inspirations in mind. Solid, strong chick sound with tight stick response and plenty of presence. "The idea I had for the spectrum hi-hats were similar to the concept I had for the spectrum ride. I wanted to have a pair of hats that I could use no matter how heavy the music, or how delicate. Crisp, but full. Clean, yet earthy. Cutting, while being warm at the same time. Able to drive aggressive grooves without getting in the way, but is still able to splash and color. Fast and powerful, yet intelligent and sensitive. Some call it a contradiction. But I call it completeness." -Rodney Holmes
More Information
Manufacturer Meinl
Model # B13SH-1112014B
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 927/1308g
Cymbal Size 13"
Cymbal Type Hi-Hat
Color/Finish Dark
UPC 1101315
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