Meinl 14" Byzance Jazz Tradition Hi Hat Cymbals - Played by Vlade Guigni

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Model #
B14TRH-1092717A Exact Cymbal
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The 14" Meinl Byzance Jazz Tradition Hi Hat Cymbals feature hand hammered and lathed surfaces with warm sounds and selection of models may be rooted in tradition, but Meinl Byzance cymbals are the ultimate choice when it comes to modern versatility. Every Byzance model is hand hammered into shape by cymbal artisans in Turkey, giving each cymbal its own unique and colorful voice. The overall presence that Meinl Byzance delivers is dark, buttery warmth that flows around crisp definition. The award winning Byzance Jazz cymbals hava a regular finish and contain outstanding sound qualities. They were developed for the natural vintage sound that traditinal Jazz requires. With a complex blend of sound, overall darkness, and a nice spread, these factors come together to form a warm, musical mix. The Byzance Tradition hihats are lightweight with a defined stick response, complex sound character, and a smooth chick.
More Information
Manufacturer Meinl
Model # B14TRH-1092717A
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 897/1018g
Cymbal Size 14"
Cymbal Type Hi-Hat
Color/Finish Traditional
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