Meinl 14" Byzance Vintage Sand Hat Hi Hat Cymbals

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B14SAH-1041818C Exact Cymbal
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Benny Greb - "Another member of my cymbal set up which I m very proud of. The transfer of the Sand Ride sound concept to a hihat that combines a vintage sound and look with a modern transparent sound and clarity. The Sand Hat is a fantastic all around hihat with lots of finesse and character. A clear sound without being obtrusive. Full of nuances and presence. From a silent whispering sound to a full sonic statement, the Sand Hat does the job perfectly. It s the most musical hihat I have ever heard. Have fun! I am curious what you will come up with." Byzance Vintage Series cymbals are traditionally made from B20 bronze alloy and feature innovative designs with unconventional yet unique sounds. Made for drummers who are looking for a truly individual sound in order to express musicality to its fullest. Distinct pieces of art with stunning sound characteristics. The sandblasted surface, various hammering techniques, and noticeable weight difference between the top and bottom cymbals combine to create an unmistakably crispy and articulate sound.
More Information
Manufacturer Meinl
Model # B14SAH-1041818C
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 869/1516g
Cymbal Size 14"
Cymbal Type Hi-Hat
Color/Finish Sandblasted
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