Meinl 16" Byzance Jazz Thin Hi Hat Cymbals

Meinl 16" Byzance Jazz Thin Hi Hat Cymbals

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The Byzance 16" Jazz Thin Hats feature a combination of a thin top and a medium thin bottom in a large package. Hand hammered and hand lathed combined with the large size produces a warmth under the stick that is typically only found on vinyl records. Great for studio use as recording engineers and producers love how easily large diameter hi hats blend with the drum kit in the studio. These hi hats will provide the right feel for any music, but will be preferred by drummers playing hip hop, break beat, Afro beat, old school funk/R&B, and soul music.

Additional Information

Model # LTD-B16JTH
Color/Finish Traditional
Cymbal Size 16"
Condition New
Manufacturer Meinl