Meinl 20" Pure Alloy Traditional Medium Ride Cymbal

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Model #
PA20MR-1081417Y Exact Cymbal
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The 20" Meinl Pure Alloy Traditional Medium Ride Cymbal 20" pushes your sound with an upfront mix cushioned by fundamental lows along with an effortless bell. Traditional finish with a fully lathed surface. Shimmering stick response with plenty of stick definition. Clean cut "ping" with a medium sustain marked by plenty of mid range tones. Effortless, clean cut sounds. This is Meinl Pure Alloy. A timeless voice formed with fully lathed surfaces allows them to be expressive in virtually any style. Their refined nature has two sides: polished definition met by a velvety wash that encompasses a full tonal spectrum with plenty of mids. Shimmering, smooth sounds bounce right along with your stick to create a reactive touch that extends through all dynamic levels. These cymbals cut with agility. Blanketing their superb stick definition is a medium to long sustain that plays out with just the right amount of strength and temperate undertone.
More Information
Manufacturer Meinl
Model # PA20MR-1081417Y
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 2256g
Cymbal Size 20"
Cymbal Type Ride
Color/Finish Traditional
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