Meinl 22" Byzance Limited Edition Jazz Big Apple Dark Ride Cymbal with Sizzles

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LTD-B22BADAR-S-2231 Exact Cymbal
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New York City, a.k.a. the "Big Apple". The epicenter of Jazz. New York City has had a love affair with Jazz, the story of which is legendary. That's why it's the perfect inspiration for the Byzance Jazz Series Big Apple Ride, a cymbal that captures the history, culture and tradition of all the great Jazz drummers who've spent time swinging in the "Big Apple". The Meinl Dark Big Apple Ride is a specially developed ride which meets the requirements of old school jazz and delivers a rich, dark timbre. Earthy lows and an immediate dark wash flow along with its delicate stick definition. A small bell and distinctive large bow offers a full-bodied sound. Their hand hammered and lathed surfaces with warm sounds and selection of models may be rooted in tradition, but MEINL Byzance cymbals are the ultimate choice when it comes to modern versatility. Every Byzance model is hand hammered into shape by cymbal artisans in Turkey, giving each cymbal its own unique and colorful voice.
More Information
Manufacturer Meinl
Model # LTD-B22BADAR-S-2231
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 2231g
Cymbal Size 22"
Cymbal Type Ride
Color/Finish Raw