Meinl 28" Wu Xing Gong Prototype #19

Meinl 28" Wu Xing Gong Prototype #19

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This 28" Meinl Wu Xing gong is a special prototype. This Meinl Wu Xing Gong Prototype plays and "feels" absolutely wonderful! The name Wu Xing comes from an old Chinese phrase that is translated as the five elements of life. It is from these elements that gongs are created and used to balance life within the universe. This Wu Xing Prototype gong has horizontal lathing, a more open collar, and is slightly lighter in weight allowing the gong to open up more quickly, which gives the gong an immediate low end response.

Additional Information

Model # G28-WXMPT19
Serial # Muster No19
Gong Size 28"
Color/Finish Traditional, Wu Xing Logo
Misc Meinl Wu Xing Gong Prototype #19
Condition New
Manufacturer Meinl