Paiste 20" Rude Novo China Cymbal

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1122520-1062013J Exact Cymbal
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The 20" Paiste Rude Novo China Cymbal is bright, silky, metallic, full, and slightly trashy and very powerful. Wide range, fairly clean mix. Comfortable, responsive and somewhat soft feel. Exotic type of china that also offers the sound and function of a crash cymbal. Its unique shape makes both the bell and downward turned china edge accessible at once. Provides a strong, sizzling and deep layered china sound that is perfectly suited for any styles of Rock music and for other unique applications and percussive settings.
More Information
Manufacturer Paiste
Model # 1122520-1062013J
Cymbal Choice myCymbal
Gram Weight 1950g
Cymbal Size 20"
Cymbal Type China
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