Sabian 24" Artisan Elite Cymbal

Sabian 24" Artisan Elite Cymbal

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Sabian 24" Artisan Elite Cymbal
Model #: A2412EN
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Sabian 24" Artisan Elite Cymbal - Skillfully handcrafted at every step using elements of cymbal-making even the most traditional cymbal companies have abandoned, new Artisan Elite cymbals take Artisan deeper, darker, dirtier. Tonally, drummers would not be far off the mark to consider them the black sheep of the Artisan family. Extensive multi-peen and high-density hammering is one of the factors that contribute to the Elite sound, resulting in tone that is lower-pitched and drier than other Artisan cymbals. Their unique lathing and flatter, lower profile bell also result in woody bell tone that is more integrated into the overall cymbal sound than other Artisan models. Artisan Elite also differ from other Artisan cymbals in appearance. With un-lathed traces of surface revealing tin oxide and other imperfections, they will appeal to drummers who like dirt and blemishes on their cymbals, a look that's perfectly coordinated with the dirt in the tone.

Additional Information

Model # A2412EN
Color/Finish Natural
Cymbal Size 24"
Condition New
Manufacturer Sabian