Sakae 14 x 6.5 Mappa Burl/Bubinga Snare Drum

Sakae 14 x 6.5 Mappa Burl/Bubinga Snare Drum

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From the Sakae website: A legend in Japan since 1925. Its sound carries over 80 years of history. American and European music first arrived in Japan in the 1920s, along with guitars and Western-style drums. It was at this time that domestic radio broadcasting began, and Eiichi Nakata established Sakae Rhythm Ltd in 1925. In the 80 years since then, Sakae Rhythm has continued to engage in the single-minded creation of new musical instruments throughout dramatically changing times, culminating in the development of our original new drum. Parts, painting, assembly, and most importantly, the shell, have all been rethought from a fresh perspective. The S-shaped logo is derived from our name, Sakae, which means prosperity in Japanese, and incorporates our hope for the success of both musicians and the entire music industry. This is a completely new drum from Japan. Union Lug: This lug, designed with a curved surface, appears at first glance to resemble a tube lug, but putting the weight on its connecting section means it produces a well-defined sound despite the small area of contact with the shell. Righty Halo Hoops: The harmonics of the shell are dispersed in a versatile way, enabling the creation of sounds not limited to any particular genre. Our strainer, developed to enable the smoothest possible on/off, is noted both for its natural ease of operation and its outstanding touch. By angling the clamp, the snappy plate prevents the belt from slipping. Snare wires: Based on our research into wire materials, coiling methods, and stretching techniques, we have used thicker wires wound in larger coils to create a crisp snare sound that offers a sharper response.

Additional Information

Model # SD1465BVM
Snare Drum Size 14x6.5
Color/Finish Natural
Shell Type Mappa Burl/Bubinga
Misc Drum Set, Cymbals, and Hardware Not Included
Condition New
Manufacturer Sakae