Sonor 14 x 5 Prolite Snare Drum - Nussbaum Satin

Sonor 14 x 5 Prolite Snare Drum - Nussbaum Satin

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The Sonor 14 x 5 ProLite Snare Drum in Nussbaum Satin is a soft, warm, and expressive 9-ply vintage maple shell that delivers a fantastic open sound and a dynamic tuning range. The 4mm CLTF (Cross Laminated Tension Free) plies, along with the Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM) and die cast hoops, create a snare drum that has a fluffy, round tone that highlights the mid-range and lower pitches without sacrificing the power and projection of the drum. Sonor ProLite Snare Drums are designed with 135 years of drum making experience and are made with hand selected materials from eco-friendly resources that are assembled to provide a professional standard in snare drums that are useful in various styles of music.

Additional Information

Model # PL121405SDWDNB
Snare Drum Size 14x5
Color/Finish Nussbaum Satin Gloss Stain
Shell Type Maple
Condition New
Manufacturer Sonor