Used Zildjian 18" A Avedis Crash Cymbal

Used Zildjian 18" A Avedis Crash Cymbal

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This item is Made in USA Exact Cymbal
A Zildjian cymbals began with Avedis Zildjian III. Popular music of the 1930s-1970s demanded cymbals of extreme versatility: dynamic and controllable hi hats, clean and cutting crashes, thrilling and rich rides, all with a loose feel and immense musicality. It was these cymbals, crafted by Avedis Zildjian III in the mid-20th century, which helped drive the beat of an era that changed music forever. With a broad weight variation among each model, selecting an A Avedis cymbal is a personal experience. While you search for the cymbal that speaks to you, you can stay true to that one-of-a-kind sought-after vintage sound. A Avedis cymbals have a sound different from every other Zildjian cymbal, complex yet familiar, with a great balance of bright and dark overtones. The timeless individual aged patina, classy and understated Avedis logo, and gram weight of the cymbal handwritten underneath the bell complete the package.
    These cymbals feature:
  • Thin, loose, played-in feel with immense musicality
  • Controlled response at all dynamic levels
  • Variation in weight among models allows you to seek and pick out your unique sound
  • Gram weights written underneath the bell of every cymbal
  • Vintage style lathing allows a smooth response with a great feel
  • Vintage patina finish adds a touch of warmth to the sound and gives the appearance of a decades old cymbal
  • Small reproduction "Avedis" signature logo taken from his 1939 U.S.A. passport
  • Hollow 'Zildjian' logo on bottom of cymbal
  • "Rolled-in" A Zildjian Trademark

Additional Information

Model # UAA18C-1070717F
Color/Finish Traditional
Cymbal Size 18"
Gram Weight 1336g
Condition Used
Manufacturer Zildjian