Cymbal & Gear Trade Ins

Memphis Drum Shop offers store credit for many types of percussion equipment trade ins. We accept varieties of Cymbals, Snare Drums, Drum Sets, and other percussion equipment. All Trade-In offers assume the product(s) is(are) in complete working order, free of damages or inoperable pieces. Memphis Drum Shop only offers Store Credit for trade ins. No cash payments will be given.

Please include the following information about your gear: Manufacturer/Brand, Size, Series, Item Type, and Condition.

  • Example: Zildjian 20” A Custom Ride Cymbal - Very Good Condition
  • Example: Ludwig 14x6.5 Classic Maple Snare Drum - Mint/Like New Condition
  • Example: Pearl Masters Maple Drum Set 22/10/12/16 - Fair Condition

Tell us about yourself!

What would you like to trade?

Condition Guide:

  • Mint Condition = No fingerprints, Stick Marks, or Blemishes
  • Excellent Condition = Minor Fingerprints or Stick Marks
  • Good Condition = Standard Fingerprints/Stick Marks, Slight Scratches or Scuffs
  • Fair Condition = Heavy Fingerprints/Stick Marks, Fading Logos, Prominent Scratches
  • Aged Condition = Dirtied, Patina/Rusting, Faded/Removed Logos, Prominent Scratches