Joe Morello - The "Take Five" Cymbal Documentary

Mini Documentary featuring Joe Morello and the original "Take Five" Zildjian cymbal - Filmed at Memphis Drum Shop (2017)

"There was only one cymbal and he made it work for the entire tune. The year was 1959. The Dave Brubeck Quartet records the album "Time Out," the first instrumental Jazz recording to sell over a million copies. The song "Take Five," played in 5/4 time with the featured drum solo, went on to become the best-selling Jazz single of all time. Joe Morello was the drummer and this is part of his story."

Joe Morello's "Take Five" Cymbal Specs:
Weight: 2192 grams
Size: 20 1/8" (51cm)
Model/Stamp: 1950's Zildjian Small Stamp "B"